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When you think Private Investigations you may not immediately think of traffic crash investigations. An accident investigation can reveal a lot of information and some information over looked by the law enforcement officer working the crash. While it is important to determine who is at fault in a crash sometimes the initial crash investigation can be wrong. This is generally not due to incompetent investigations but lack of true information from the vehicles or other witnesses being over looked. Factors such as speed of the vehicle and even the RPM of the vehicles motor. Direction and grade of the road play rolls in determining fault in a crash. Detailed photographs of the road way from all angles may become important later in the investigation. Also detailed photographs of all vehicles involved in a crash could be beneficial in the investigation. Law enforcement generally does not have the time or resources to take these steps to document these areas outside of a fatality crash. Other factors such as environment and weather play rolls in some crashes. Time of the day are considerations too sun set or rise can give way to glare causing a driver to not be able to see the other vehicle or pedestrian. These factors are all important in the determination of at fault to mitigate fault in a crash. A private investigator can take the time to do a thorough investigation into the true cause of a crash and provide this information to the client or the client’s attorney. Our investigators are all previous law enforcement officers and have years of experience investigating crashes.



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