[fusion_text]Crash Data Retrieval. Have you been involved in a crash? Are you an attorney on a civil case involving a crash? Do you want to know what the vehicle you were driving or the vehicle involved in your case has stored in its computer about the crash? Accurate Investigations and Security can help. We have the equipment and training about how to retrieve the data stored in vehicles that have been involved in a crash. Vehicles airbag control modules (ACM) can provide the vehicles speed prior to crash, braking input, steering input, amount of acceleration, seat belts for front seat occupants and other very valuable information. Airbags don’t have to be deployed to retrieve information, due to may vehicles being able to save multiple events now. All newer passenger cars, light trucks and SUV’s have the ability to retrieve the data you need to help your case. Shouldn’t you haveCrash Data Retrieval all the information available to you?

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