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Employers drug test to ensure a drug free work place, to reduce absenteeism and reduce on the job injuries. If properly managed this can save employers 5% on their workers comp insurance. Some employers are required by federal law to drug test and random drug test as well this includes several transportation industries. Some of these are DOT drivers and safety sensitive Maritime workers.

In addition to employment we have and stand ready to assist in the areas where a couple is divorcing and drug use and abuse have been issues of contention. By drug testing you can prove or dis-prove the use of drugs. This can make your case or break their case. Perhaps you have a child that you suspect is using drugs or alcohol for that matter. We can conduct breath alcohol testing on the spot with our portable (federally recognized) breath test (PBT). The PBT will give an instant reading, following this a PBT operator will complete a form documenting the results. All of our drug tests are sent to a SAMSHA certified lab for testing. We also retain a Medical Review Officer to review those tests that are returned with a positive results.

Our offices have completed both drug and alcohol testing for State and County probation departments. Our follow up takes the burden off of the subject being tested and we send all documentation to the Probation Officer as per their request. We will sent results to the subject if they so chose.

With the rise in abuse of prescription drugs and the approval of “medical marijuana” in the state of Florida this is the time to start your drug testing program if you don’t have one. It is also the time to review your current policy to be sure it is current with he changes forthcoming in the laws. We, at Accurate Investigations and Drug Screening, can help you with all these aspects of drug and alcohol screening.

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