[fusion_text]All Livescan fingerprint vendors are not the same. Did you know that in Florida Livescan fingerprinting is an unregulated and unlicensed industry. In Florida to become a Livescan fingerprint vendor you simply buy or lease a Livescan machine and go into business, its that simple. At this time there is no government oversight in the Livescan business, no licensing, no certifications,  a Level 2 background check is not even a requiremnt for business’s and their employee’s. Isn’t it scary to think that companies and individuals regularly walk into a Livescan fingerprinting locations and freely give all of the information necessary to steal that persons identity to the vendor, social security numbers, dates of birth, address’s, and even places of birth to the vendor to submit there Level 2 background check. Whats even more scary is that the person with whom you just entrusted with all of your personal information was not even required to undergo a Level 2 background check. In many cases these vendors are located within other business’s totally unrelated to investigations or background checks.

Accurate is a fully licensed Florida investigative firm regulated by Florida’s Dept. of Agriculture. To become licensed the owners of Accurate and all of our investigators are required to submit to a Level 2 Background Checks to become licensed. All of Accurate’s current employee’s are also former law enforcement officers vetted by the Florida Dept. of Agriculture. Accurate and all of our records are subject to inspection by the State of Florida at anytime. In addition to the State of Florida Accurate is monitored by and subject to audit by several database companies utilized by Accurate and its investigators. Security and the safety of the very information you entrusted us with is paramount to Accurate. When considering a Livescan business for you personal or business needs I hope you will keep this information in mind and think about where your personal information will be more safe.
George J. Schwing, VP, LPI

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