[fusion_text]Going through a divorce can be one of the most trying times of ones life. The feelings of uncertainty and what lies ahead can become overwhelming. In my experiences in both criminal and family law courts I have noticed one thing in particular. In criminal court we often see some of the worlds worst people at their best. By this I mean some really bad people show up for their day in court dressed to the 9’s and portray themselves as reformed and worthy of yet another chance. In family court we often see some of the worlds best people, and parents at their absolute worst when the other party testifies about infidelity, child abuse, etc. they say they have suffered through. Unfortunately these individuals are caught up in the middle of an adversarial process we call a divorce. Caught in the middle of a system which was established to punish criminals not regulate families.

Unfortunately the current Family Law system is the only system we have. Although I truly hope you read this and never need our services if you do we are here to help. The use of a neutral third party investigator can be very beneficial. Our investigators whom are all former law enforcement officers with many years of investigative experience will assist you in gathering the facts you need to prove your case in court. If you have found yourself in the middle of a contested divorce or child custody dispute give us a call to discuss your situation and what we may be able do to help you through this very trying time.

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