Accurate Investigations and Drug Screening Inc. is a fully licensed and insured Florida investigative firm. Accurate’s investigators routinely conduct criminal, civil, and family law matters working alongside law firms, insurance companies, and other investigative agencies. Accurate specializes in traffic crash reconstruction and event data recorder imaging and has investigators on staff who have been qualified as experts in the field of crash reconstruction and vehicle event data recorders. Accurate’s investigators have decades of investigative experience gained through many years working in law enforcement. Accurate’s investigators utilize the most advanced equipment and investigative techniques to ensure you can be confident in the results of any investigation conducted by Accurate. Accepted as vendors to Florida’s 17th & 20th Judicial Circuits by Florida’s Judicial Administration Commission Accurate prides itself in discrete and confidential investigative services. Call to schedule a free confidential phone consultation.

Investigative Services offered:

  • Criminal, Civil, Family Law Investigations
  • Traffic Crash Reconstruction
  • Vehicle Crash Data Recovery Service
  • Witness Locates
  • Witness Statements
  • SIU/ Anti Fraud Surveillance
  • Field Surveillance
  • Activity Surveillance
  • Background Checks
  • Tenant Screening Services

In addition to Private Investigations Accurate offers level 2 background check fingerprinting services (Livescan), drug testing, and tenant screening services. Accurate specializes in assisting companies and individuals of all types comply with federal, state and local laws involving background checks and drug and alcohol testing. Accurate can also assist human resource professionals and property managers with reducing the risks associated with hiring employees and renting property to tenants. With locations in Lee and Broward County, Florida Accurate has South Florida covered.

Level 2 Background Check (Livescan)


Who are you giving your personal information to? 

All Livescan fingerprint vendors are not the same. Did you know that in Florida Livescan fingerprinting is an unregulated and unlicensed industry. In Florida to become a Livescan fingerprint vendor you simply buy or lease a LIvescan machine, its that simple, no regulation or license not even a background check is required. Isn’t it scary to think that companies and individuals regularly walk into a Livescan fingerprinting locations and freely give all of the information necessary to steal that persons identity to the vendor, social security numbers, dates of birth, address’s, and even places of birth to the vendor to submit there Level 2 background check. Whats even more scary is that the person with whom you just entrusted with all of your personal information was not even required to be licensed by the state or undergo a background check. In many cases these vendors are located within other business’s totally unrelated to investigations or background checks.

Accurate is a fully licensed Florida investigative firm regulated by Florida’s Dept. of Agriculture. To become licensed the owners of Accurate and all investigators are required to submit to a Level 2 Background Check. Accurate and all of our records are subject to inspection by the State of Florida at anytime. In addition to the State of Florida Accurate is monitored by and subject to audit by several database companies utilized by Accurate and its investigators. Security and the safety of the very information you entrusted us with is paramount to Accurate. All of Accurate’s employees are licensed Florida investigators. The next time you are required to submit to a Level 2 Background Check I hope you will keep this information in mind and think about where your personal information will be more safe.

Level 2 Background check (Florida Live Scan)

Accurate Investigations and Drug Screening Inc. offers in-house and mobile Level 2 background check services. Florida law requires persons seeking employment in the following fields undergo a fingerprint based criminal background check conducted thru the Federal Bureau of Investigations(FBI) and Florida Dept. of Law Enforcement(FDLE) prior to employment.

  • Healthcare: Doctors, Nurses, Hospital Employees, Clinic Employees, Etc.
  • Childcare: School employees, Daycare Center Employees, Coaches, Juvenile Treatment Employees, Volunteers (over 10hrs a month), Etc.
  • Elderly/Disability: Assisted Living Facility Employees, Nursing Home Employees, Home Health Care Employees, Etc.
  • Real Estate: Realtors, Insurance Agents, Appraisers
  • Liquor License Holders
  • Contractors: Electric, Plumbing, Air Conditioning,
  • Home Inspectors

Level II Channelers for:

  • AHCA
  • DCF
  • DOH
  • DBPR


Non-Level II (Background Check/Tenant Screening Services)

Accurate Investigations and Drug Screening Inc. also offers a full suite of background check services to business’ and property managers not required by law to conduct a Level 2 background check. This helps to ensure the hiring of the best possible employees or renting to the most reliable and trustworthy tenants. Being a fully licensed Florida investigative firm Accurate has access to software and databases not available to cheap unreliable online based background check companies. Whether its a basic criminal, civil, or credit check you would like conducted on potential employee or tenant Accurate can tailor its services to just what your looking for.

Click here for Livescan Frequently Asked Questions

Drug, Alcohol, and DNA Paternity Testing

Accurate Investigations and Drug Screening Inc. offers full service drug testing. Acting as a third party administrator (TPA) Accurate can assist with the development and implementation of your drug testing policies. Affiliated with major SAMHSA certified laboratories and utilizing the services of a certified Medical Medical Review Officer MD, (MRO) Accurate can guarantee accurate results with fast turnaround time.

What we offer:

Drug Testing

  • DOT Drug/Alcohol Testing ( Also available supervisor reasonable suspicion training)
  • Non DOT Drug Testing (Urine and Oral Fluid Collections available)
  • Florida Drug Free Drug Testing and policy implementation
  • DNA/Paternity Testing
  • Hair Analysis Drug Testing
  • On-Site Collections (Random, Post Accident, Reasonable Suspicion)
  • Online Appointment Scheduling
  • Fast Turnaround Time (24-48hrs for negative test
    48-72hrs for test requiring MRO review)