While many large security companies recruit officers via social media platforms such as Craig’s List, Accurate is different. These large companies recruit prospective officers then hire them right over the phone, never once actually meeting with the employee. Being a local company and recruiting locally Accurate’s owners personally meet with and interview each prospective employee. These large companies also rarely provide any local level supervision to their officers and communicate with officers only over the phone. Being a local company Accurate’s owners and managers have the ability to regularly check in with their officers in the field as well as the client to ensure the best possible security services are being provided. If your looking for professional, well trained, and reliable security guard services Accurate Investigations and Security, Inc. is your company. Fl. Lic#B1700270

Accurate Investigations and Security Inc.

Broward County Florida
4592 North University Dr
P.I. Lic# A1600007
Security Lic# B1700270

Lee County Florida
12811 Kenwood Ln. Ste. 218
Fort Myers, Florida 33907
Florida P.I. Agency Branch
P.I./Security Branch Lic# AB1700003

Web: Accinvestigationsfl.com

Email: info@accinvestigationsfl.com

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