Crash Data Retrieval (CDR)

CDR is a tool that enables data from a vehicle involved in a crash to be recovered. To retrieve data from passenger cars, trucks, and SUV’s third party tools are necessary. These tools connect to the vehicle being examined and are able to access and retrieve data that may be stored in the crashed vehicle.


EDR (Event Data Recorder)

The EDR is a function or device installed in a vehicle which has the ability to record technical vehicle and occupant information for a very short period of time before, after, and during a crash. This information is intended solely for the purpose of assessing and monitoring vehicle safety system performance.

EDR’s may record:

  • Data, but only after an event like a crash
  • Restraint deployment and use information
  • Vehicle dynamic information and systems status (5 seconds before crash)
  • Driver inputs (5 seconds before crash)
  • Signature of crash severity
  • Post crash data such as the automatic collision system

EDR’s do not record:

  • Video or audio of crash
  • Locations vehicle has been
  • Name of driver or occupants of vehicle
  • Does not record information unless there has been a crash

EDR data is being used by auto manufacturers, law enforcement, insurance companies, and private accident reconstuctionists to assist in evaluating crashes involving cars, trucks, and SUV’s. Data retrieved can be used to evaluate potential fault, fraud, liability, or other evidence. Use of EDR data in criminal and civil court cases is on the rise and has become a reliable source of evidence.

Edward Sommers

Ed Sommers is Accurate’s accident reconstruction and crash data retrieval expert. Ed has over 27 years law enforcement experience with the majority devoted to traffic investigations. Ed has been recognized by the courts numerous times as an expert.

Services offered:

  • Traffic Crash Investigation & Reconstruction
  • Technician and analyst of Event Data Recorders (Vehicle Black Box)
  • Recovery of data from crashed vehicles and fleet management
  • Documentation and forensic analysis of crash’s involving cars, motorcycles, and pedestrians
  • Drug and Alcohol DUI case consulting


Crash Reconstruction (IPTM) 
Crash Data Retrieval Technician and Analyst Course (Collision Safety Institute)
Event Data Recorder use in traffic crash reconstruction (IPTM)
At scene crash investigation / Traffic Homicide (IPTM)
DUI Manslaughter/ Vehicle Homicide (TSRP)
DUI Instructor Training (IPTM)
DUI Standardized Field Sobriety Testing (IPTM)
Advanced Traffic Crash Investigation (IPTM)
Investigation of Commercial Motor Vehicle Crashes (IPTM)
Investigation of Motorcycle Crashes (IPTM)
Laser Operator Certification (SWFCJA)
Breath Testing Operator (FDLE/ATP)
Drugs That Impair Driving Course (IPTM)
Drug Recognition Expert Training (IACP)

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