Accurate’s Home Watch Service

Accurate Home Watch Service

Accurate Investigations and Security Inc. is pleased to offer our “Security Home Watch Program”. You can rest easy knowing that in your absence your home or condo is being watched over by a Florida state licensed security company. Unlike other home watch companies, our licensed security officers will perform regularly scheduled checks of your property. During your scheduled home watch checks our officers will perform regular home watch duties in addition to presenting a uniformed security presence in and around your property. All of our employees undergo Level 2 Background Checks performed by the Florida Dept. Of Law Enforcement and FBI. In addition we participate in Florida’s Drug Free Workplace program where all employees undergo pre-employment and random drug testing. Rest easy knowing your valuable asset is in trustworthy hands. Call to discuss your home watch needs.

Competitively Priced

Reliable and Trustworthy

All Employees

Level II backgrounded thru FBI & FDLE and drug tested
  • Licensed
  • Insured
  • Employees Background Checked
  • Employees Drug Tested

Vacation or Second Home

Allow our Florida licensed security officers to watch over it.


Lee and Broward Counties

      Interior Checks (If Requested)

  • Check all doors and windows to insure they are locked/secure.
  • Check for signs of water damage/mold/mildew on floors, ceilings, walls.
  • Check for signs of insects and bugs.
  • Check for leaks around air handler unit(A/C inside).
  • Flush toilets and check back of toilets for leaks.
  • Run water in sinks and check under sinks for leaks.
  • Check circuit breaker box for signs of surge/tripped breakers.
  • Check security system to ensure working properly.
  • Check smoke detectors to ensure working properly.
  • Check refrigerator to ensure working properly.
  • Check hot water heater for leaks.
  • Ensure exterior lights if left on are working, replace bulb if necessary.

      Exterior Service Inspections

  • Check all doors and windows to ensure they are locked/secure.
  • Check for signs of vandalism or attempted break-in/burglary.
  • Check screens for tears.
  • Remove discard old newspapers, flyers, etc.
  • Check mailbox for mail (Forward if arranged)
  • Ensure lawn care company is cutting lawn.
  • Check exterior hose bibs for leaks.
  • Check exterior electrical box for signs of damage.
  • Check A/C condensing unit for leaks or damage.
  • Check pool/spa equipment for leaks.
  • Ensure exterior lights if left on are working, replace bulb if necessary.

     Home Opening/Closing  (charge applies)

     Opening Home

  • Turn water on
  • Turn AC on
  • Turn water heater on
  • Dispose of any garbage
  • Turn outside light on if coming in after dark

    Closing Home

  • Turn water off outside
  • Turn off hot water heater
  • Set AC to desired temprature
  • Dispose of any garbage
  • Make sure all doors/windows are secured and locked

Addition Services (charge applies)

  • Key Service for outside contractors
  • Digital Photography of new construction progress
  • Pre-storm inspections with photos
  • Post-storm inspection with photos

Through my 20 plus years in law enforcement working in a predominantly seasonal vacation community, I saw first hand just how vulnerable vacation and second homes left for months unoccupied are to vandalism and burglaries (Break ins). Paramount to protecting your property is key security. By key security I mean entrusting the keys and alarm code to your property only to individuals who you know and trust. In some instances even this isn’t enough. I will give you an example I saw time and time again during my time in law enforcement. Keys to a home would be entrusted to a cleaning person or maintenance man whom had a wayward teenager or family member. Knowing the family members cleaning or maintenance schedule or having access to their work calendar and knowing when the home would be vacant the teenager or family member would get ahold of the keys. With the keys to the home they invite friends over to stay and usually throw a party. This happens more than you can imagine.

From homeless persons trying to get out of the weather to a criminals wanting to destroy and steal what you have worked your whole life for, to a wayward teenager just wanting to have some fun, Accurate’s home watch service can help to deter and prevent such occurrences. In considering who to employ to watch over and protect your valuable asset I hope you will consider our Home Watch Service.


George Schwing
VP. Accurate Investigations and Security

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